11/03/2022, 10:02 PM
Hey there! πŸ‘‹ Nathaniel from Prefect here! Today, we’re excited to introduce new compliance and transparency functionality for organizations with the addition of audit log in Prefect Cloud 2. Audit log provides organizations a chronological record of activities performed by Prefect Cloud users, allowing you to monitor detailed Prefect Cloud actions for security and compliance purposes. In conjunction with appropriate tools and procedures, audit log can assist in detecting potential security violations, and investigating application errors. Audit log enables you to identify who took action, and on what items within your Prefect Cloud organization (when relevant). Starting today, audit log can be used to identify changes in access to workspaces, user login activity, API key generation, and service account creation, just to name a few. All organizations have access to 72 hours of audit log retention, meaning that you can get access to audit log self service by creating an organization today. Those on the Enterprise tier have access to 180 days of audit log retention by default. Additionally, if you or your organization need a tailored retention period, our team at can help with customized periods above and beyond these defaults.
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