I feel like I have a basic version problem or some...
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I feel like I have a basic version problem or something. I created an account in cloud.prefect.io, created an API key and then tried to use it in the CLI on an Ubuntu machine. 'prefect cloud login -k MYKEY' gives me an auth error. Lots of docs say perfect auth login etc but my cli (2.0b6) says auth is not a valid command. Help! What else do you need to know? Am I running the wrong version of CLI?
1.0 is not compatible with 2.0 so if you are using cloud.prefect.io, you need to install Prefect below 2.0
That was almost too easy. The problem was the default install of the CLI with pip3 is 2.0b6. When I used regular pip, the default install is 1.2.2. That version works perfectly with my cloud API key. I do have to say that the documentation is rarely clear whether it is for 1.0 or 2.0 so I had trouble sorting out why certain commands were working while others were not. But, my issue is resolved and off I go into the wild blue yonder of prefect. Thanks!
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Can you clarify the default install thing? Pip should definitely not be retrieving a beta release by default.