Alyssa Mazzina

04/12/2022, 6:52 PM
:marvin-duck: Another month, another challenge from everybody’s favorite duck, Marvin! :marvin-duck: April’s Challenge: 🐰 How would the Easter Bunny use Prefect? Build a flow to help him on his big day. We can’t wait to see what you dream up! As always, share your flow here (in #show-us-what-you-got) to get a sticker; write a short blog post or make a short video to get a sticker, a mystery gift, AND be entered for the grand prize! Fill out this form to get your swag. Entries are due April 30.
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Anna Geller

04/12/2022, 7:04 PM
Is the winner the person with the most easter eggs hidden in their flows?🙂
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