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Chris Reuter

04/19/2022, 1:00 PM
Hi all! A couple of events coming up: ā€¢ Today @Kalise Richmond's beginner demo is live at 1p Eastern, join today to go from 0 to flow āž”ļø in just 30 minutes šŸ¦œ ā€¢ Come hang with @Kevin Kho and myself on PrefectLive šŸ“ŗ this Wed 4/20 at 3p Eastern live on Twitch! He'll be showing off Modin, PySpark, Pandas and Fugue. ā€¢ And BIG NEWS!!! On Thu 4/28 at 3p Eastern, Prefect P Community Cantina is here! The successor to Core Cantina, this is our monthly event where the community can come together with a focus on open source. We'll take questions, chat about the roadmap, look at PRs - anything is possible. ā—¦ You can register to join here! ā—¦ Those that join Community Cantina this month will get a pair of Prefect socks šŸ§¦
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See you at 3p today for PrefectLive on Twitch!
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