when registering flows from python modules with th...
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when registering flows from python modules with the cli is it possible to override the
and `run_config`s of the flows somehow?
In theory, yes, using the
option, but it would be painful to configure IMO. Regarding executor: it doesn't matter during registration because Prefect doesn't store the executor info in the backend -it's retrieved from your flow storage at runtime. Regarding run config: you're right that this gets stored in the backend and any change to that requires registration, but the cleanest way of doing that would be overwriting it directly in your flow code and then using CLI to register the new flow version with updated run config. This page explains it more https://discourse.prefect.io/t/when-do-i-need-to-reregister-my-flow-which-changes-in-flow-metadata-result-in-prefect-bumping-up-the-flow-version/403
Thanks @Anna Geller, that helps a lot, I've got a plan of attack now
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