I have a bunch of kubernetes flows for prod/stagin...
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I have a bunch of kubernetes flows for prod/staging and i'm working on a local docker-compose environment for dev purposes, currently the local flows fail when they try to spin up the
I totally understand you in the sense that docker-compose is generally super convenient for describing containerized applications that run on a single machine, but for Prefect flows with
, docker-compose won't help you and will only overcomplicate things. One easier way would be to create: • Dockerfile • some bash scripts like
containing build and push commands you need to run for deployment and for your flow registration - this would have the same effect as the docker-compose file in the sense there is one command (
bash build.bash
) you need to run to build the image and register your flow Here is an example repo with a similar structure https://github.com/anna-geller/packaging-prefect-flows/ (this is just one possible way of approaching it)