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Rahul Kadam

03/28/2022, 12:42 PM
Hi Team, We are using prefect core as of now and thinking about switching to prefect cloud. Can i get a link or documentation details around what are key advantages of cloud offering vs core product. Also, compared to core product, how much we can still control in prefect cloud and which specific things will be out of end users hand and will be fully managed by cloud offering ?

Anna Geller

03/28/2022, 12:54 PM
In short, with Prefect Cloud, you have full control over your execution environment (your agents, your task run environment such as Dask clusters), and Prefect Cloud is handling all services related to the orchestration environment including the GraphQL API, database, hosting the UI, managing logs, Auth, RBAC, providing additional KV Store and Secrets backend, and making sure it all works reliably. For more, check this documentation LMK if you have any more questions about it.
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