Adi Gandra

04/19/2022, 3:58 PM
Hey I am trying to upgrade my prefect agent that I have running on EKS, I upgraded my prefect package locally it is now version 1.2. When I try to apply the changes
prefect agent kubernetes install  -k {key} --mem-request 4G --mem-limit 6G --cpu-request 2 --rbac | kubectl apply -f -
Nothing seems to happen I just get the message:
deployment.apps/prefect-agent configured
<|> unchanged
<|> unchanged
Any idea’s on how to successfully upgrade my prefect agent?

Kevin Kho

04/19/2022, 4:02 PM
I think if you already applied, you can just delete the agent pod and the service will create the new one with the new configuration

Adi Gandra

04/19/2022, 4:04 PM
Ok awesome, let me try that
That worked thanks!
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