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Alex Rogozhnikov

04/28/2022, 6:52 PM
Hi, I'm testing deployment to prefect's ECSCluster. Can you please elaborate how I can control types of worker instances? And is there a way to change used instance type for every flow individually? Thanks!
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There is also support in ``ECSCluster`` for GPU aware Dask clusters. To do
    this you need to create an ECS cluster with GPU capable instances (from the
    ``g3``, ``p3`` or ``p3dn`` families) and specify the number of GPUs each worker task
    should have.
also, from the above message it seems important to provide cluster, which I currently do. This cluster is managed by cloudformation and I can adjust its settings

Kevin Kho

04/28/2022, 7:07 PM
There are two things here right? One is the Dask Executor cluster and two is the Flow container in ECS. I don’t think the Flow container in ECS takes types because you just give cpu and memory. For the ECSCluster, it doesn’t take the machine type. You just specify number of gpu and cpu and memory when you instantiate based on this