Hello community, This is an Orion UI question - I'...
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Hello community, This is an Orion UI question - I've got a weird issue with the UI renders on my firm's systems but the UI seems to work just fine on my personal computer. Here's how they are configured - My Personal Computer - Python 3.8.10 running with WSL2 on Ubuntu Distro, SQLite3 running locally on WSL2 and the Prefect storage is the local file system. My firm's deployment - Python 3.7.5 running on custom RHEL 7, SQLite3's DB running from a network drive, the project source code is executed from a different network drive and the Prefect storage is mapped to a different network drive (essentially these 3 are on 3 different network drives). Somehow the Orion's web UI renders is terrible, it misses out on multiple elements, the interactions on the page are terribly slow and pretty much unusable. Any idea on what could I do to make sure the web UI is usable (Orion's web UI is pretty fantastic for my use case)
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I don’t work on the UI, but I can say that the performance of SQLite and consequently the API is likely to be degraded when using a network drive.
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We also require WAL for SQLite which generally is not supported on networked file systems.
Thanks @Zanie, that really helped. Moving SQLite out of network solved the problem