Hi everyone! Prefect 2.6.5 :prefect2: :cloud2: is...
# announcements
Hi everyone! Prefect 2.6.5 prefect2 cloud2 is here! It adds the highly requested manual retry from failure directly from the UI. The image below shows what it looks like from the UI. Note that, by default, Prefect doesn’t persist results unless you leverage a feature that needs it (such as automatic retries or caching). This means that when you pass data between tasks or subflows and you want to leverage manual retries from the UI, you need to enable result persistence which can be toggled with the following setting:
. Other enhancements include: • support for Python 3.11 python • a new API route for work queue status check (UI work queue health check page is on the roadmap, as well) ☑️ • documentation showing how you can configure SSO for Prefect Cloud directly from the UI • two new 📦 Prefect Collections: prefect-docker and prefect-census For more info about all fixes and enhancements, see the release notes. As always, to upgrade:
pip install prefect -U
Have a great rest of the week!
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