Samhita Sarkar

10/26/2022, 4:33 PM
Hi Team, I have created a deployment in prefect UI in local environment but its been waiting since long, I looked around and found that this issue mostly occurs when there is a time difference(offset) in UI.Can someone please suggest the possible reason or how to resolve it?
the flows started running when I started the test agent
prefect agent start -q test
,earlier when the flows were stuck agent was running but with a different name , I was expecting the flows would be picked only if any of the agents is running


10/26/2022, 7:05 PM
Hi @Samhita Sarkar - agents are connected to work queues which set out what work to pick up - you can see in the flow run list item for serious-hyrax that it has a work-queue of test so your agent needs to be connected there.
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