Where can I find the docs for the cli for 2.0? The...
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Where can I find the docs for the cli for 2.0? They seam to be missing from der API references.
from... the CLI 😂
for any type of command, if you add --help, you'll get CLI documentation e.g.:
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prefect --help
prefect deployment --help
prefect deployment build --help
files are in the computer
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Mmm. I understand this in general, but I think this is a regression from the old docs. Specially when researching something this makes browsing the functionality much harder.
I'd like to add that having CLI docs available online would not only allow consulting them even if one doesn't have prefect installed (e.g. on mobile devices), but would also make sharing stuff with e.g. teammates easier
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wait, @Florian Kühnlenz and @Q - CLI docs already exist https://docs.prefect.io/api-ref/prefect/cli/deployment/
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Thats a good start, but of course it would be much nicer to not have to open the source code to see what the flags are doing etc.
maybe one day
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