Hi, Is it correct that one can't run a flow (even ...
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Hi, Is it correct that one can't run a flow (even locally) if the Prefect API is down??
Prefect API is not down, can you please try again?
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I see what you mean though - you didn't do anything wrong but we had a scheduled maintenance that you should get email about
if you don't get those emails yet about maintenance, you can subscribe here https://prefect.status.io/
OK, it's back. But doesn't it kinda defeat the purpose if I can't run code on my local machine when you guys go offline? This was just a test script, but what happens when I can't run code in a critical moment? Do I just tell my clients we need to wait for your API to come back online?
prefect profile use default prefect orion start this will give you a local orion instance
sorry to hear if this disrupted your workflow, we do our best to give a timely notice