Hi Prefect Community! Does anyone have any idea h...
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Hi Prefect Community! Does anyone have any idea how to set the Python Version for the Kubernetes Agent? Currently getting this error:
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python: (flow built with '3.10.4', currently running with '3.7.13')")
But there doesnt seem to be any docs on how to set this python version in the agent deployment cli
This is a storage issue due to pickle - this docs page will explain https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/flow_config/storage.html#pickle-vs-script-based-storage to answer your question directly though: you can set the Python version on your Prefect docker image tag e.g.
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docker pull prefecthq/prefect:latest-python3.10
docker pull prefecthq/prefect:latest-python3.9
docker pull prefecthq/prefect:latest-python3.8
docker pull prefecthq/prefect:latest-python3.7
Perfect, cheers 🙂
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