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Marco Pérez

06/02/2022, 12:23 PM
Hi team - have a question, we’re going to start implementing some scheduling infrastructure and I’m planning to implement Prefect, my first thought is to implement prefect 2.0 but the warning regarding “being in beta” and “don’t use for prod” flows concerns me. At the same time, I wonder if it may not be the best use of my time to learn Prefect 1.0 if 2.0 will be GA in the near future. Thoughts? Ideas? Food recommendations?

Anna Geller

06/02/2022, 12:30 PM
Great question! I totally understand you and for that purpose, together with our Product team, wrote this topic to make the decision easier for you. My recommendation would be to focus on your use case, i.e. what do you try to accomplish with Prefect, build your flows, and focus on that first. Later you can worry about the deployment story (which storage or flow runner to choose, whether Cloud 2.0 or self-hosted, etc.). Prefect 2.0 was built with incremental adoption in mind, so you can already gain value from it by: • installing Orion • exploring your runs in a local or Cloud 2.0 UI • and generally focusing on your business logic rather than the orchestrator getting in the way of how you are supposed to achieve your objective

Marco Pérez

06/02/2022, 12:38 PM
a thing of beauty - thanks - I’ll give that a lookover!
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oh, GA is really just around the corner!
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