Hi everyone! We're going to release Prefect `2.0b...
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Hi everyone! We're going to release Prefect
tomorrow evening with some impressive albeit breaking changes to Prefect 2.0 prefect2, among others: ā€¢ We've added Windows support. ā€¢ We've added breaking changes with respect to the Blocks API - this API is an important abstraction you may have used already in the
part of your
. As a result, the
API is incompatible with previous Orion client versions. Since "breaking changes" sounds dangerous, the good news is that your data will be migrated (for all users). After the open-source release, we will update Cloud 2.0 cloud2. Again, your data will remain intact, but you will immediately need to upgrade to
to continue using the Cloud API. Thanks everyone, and we'll keep you up to date once the release is complete.
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To provide more clarity on the actions needed on your end as Cloud 2.0 user: ā€¢ You need to upgrade Prefect 2.0 python package and then restart the agent process once the Cloud release is done. ā€¢ If you are using an agent running on Kubernetes, update the Prefect image version to 2.0b6 in your Kubernetes manifest and re-apply the deployment. We will let you know when the release happens and then you can restart your agent.
ā˜ļø this means that you don't need to recreate any deployments or pause your schedules temporarily killing your agent process before the release and restarting once the Cloud 2.0 release is finished (we'll let you know!) may result in some Late Runs but those will be picked up once you restart your agent, so... Don't Panic prefect duck
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