EDIT It seems I was seeing something else, please ...
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EDIT It seems I was seeing something else, please disregard :) Hi! I’m not sure if this has been discussed before… I’m running Prefect Server on EC2 along with an ECS agent deployed as a fargate task. I’m seeing the issue that if the server ever goes down (or the connection is lost otherwise), the agent will show a
, but does not exit. However it’s also does not seem to reestablish the connection once the server becomes available again. Is there some way to either 1. have the agent retry connecting some time after encountering a connection error, or 2. exit after a connection error so ECS can detect that and restart it? The way it looks now I have to manually restart the agent in this situation, which I don’t think is ideal… Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
So what I was actually seeing was a non-updating log interface in the AWS console, not a hanging agent. The agent does continue polling just fine. In the instance that caused me to write this message, the agent did fail to reconnect, but now it works just fine, so 🤷
Glad you figured that out!