Hi everyone, happy Thursday! Two releases in a si...
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Hi everyone, happy Thursday! Two releases in a single week? Yup, the Prefect team is shipping it! Prefect 2.6.4 prefect2 cloud2 is live and provides great news for serverless fans! aws
infrastructure block is production-ready! We've got great feedback from the community that we used to improve the UX, and now this block is no longer experimental! Thanks to everyone who shared feedback and contributed feature requests on the prefect-aws repository. azure
infrastructure block for running containers on Azure is now released as part of the prefect-azure collection - @Ryan Peden will share a blog post demonstrating how to use this infrastructure block very soon. One of the coolest characteristics of Azure Container Instances is that it allows you to run serverless containers with GPUs - extremely helpful for all data scientists using Prefect and Azure to run GPU-powered ML workflows. 🔑 a new key-value store collection contributed by @Zanie! Apart from collections, this release includes bug fixes and enhancements to the core library. See the release notes for details. If you haven't checked out 2.6 yet, you should now! We launched first-class configuration of results in 2.6.0, and every release since includes additional improvements to result handling. Happy Engineering!
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