Hello I am creating prefect work queues pipelines ...
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Hello I am creating prefect work queues pipelines for training and sample prediction. I finished training pipeline queues but I don't know how to trigger action for sample prediction pipeline. Cloud you please give resources or docs for that? Or Should I add sample prediction method in training flow? I use prefect 2.0 . Thank you
Hey @Thar Htet San generally speaking you could follow an orchestration pattern similar to the one in this discourse article, https://discourse.prefect.io/t/how-to-schedule-and-orchestrate-a-flow-of-flows-for-a-data-warehousing-etl-use-case/691 If the flow for you training pipelines has some output you could also use that as a trigger through a CI/CD process, something like an aws lambda function to kick off a sample prediction flow. It ultimately depends on your use case though.
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