Taylor Babin

10/10/2022, 9:44 PM
Hi- I have a simple question... how are you/what do you all recommend for organizing your work in prefect? Like, should you/do you have one workspace with all the environments in their in a naming scheme with their own agents/work queues or should you/do you have multiple workspaces for each environment (dev, stage, prod, etc.)? Thank you all for your input!

Matt Conger

10/10/2022, 10:28 PM
@Taylor Babin There are a ton of ways to organizing workspaces in Prefect. I have very commonly seen many users opt for having dev, staging, and prod workspaces as you mentioned.
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Mason Menges

10/10/2022, 10:36 PM
Just to add to this We've also seen users separate their work using workqueues, i.e. maintaining Separate Workqueue-Agent pairs for dev/staging/prod and then using individual workspaces more as a separation of teams within an organization, i.e. analytics, devops, etc.. Workspaces give you more pronounced separation in terms of environments but it really depends on what'll work best for you and your team. Short version there are no hard and fast rules around this but these are some of the configurations we've seen users adopt I'm sure there are many others that we haven't come across yet as well 😄
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Taylor Babin

10/11/2022, 2:15 PM
Thank you! I figured as much. Just wanted to get an idea to figure out what's best