I am suddenly finding that mapped tasks are not re...
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I am suddenly finding that mapped tasks are not reflecting that the child tasks have completed. I'm not positive that it's not because I introduced some kind of bug while developing, but I've done my best to validate that it's not something I did. Has anyone else seen this? Is something just going wonky with the cloud service at the moment? For example, the flow in the image has finished successfully, with all child tasks having completed. But it still shows 0/13.
We've been seeing this same thing today on Prefect 1.0 Cloud. On our end it doesn't look like this was introduced by any change either. We saw that there's an ongoing incident for Prefect Cloud 1.0 related to secrets, but from our end it just looks like no mapped tasks are executing so doesn't seem related
from our end it just looks like no mapped tasks are executing
This is what we are seeing too for the past day and a half, and we definitely have not changed code in these particular flows.
Thank you for raising, Jessica, Cab, and Leanna. The team is looking into the issue.
It looks like the issue is resolved on our side. Are you seeing flows and tasks running ok?
It's still very slow, but eventually the count does get updated
In the test case I just ran, it didn't get updated until after all of the jobs had ran. Nothing was listed as pending or running - it was shown as all runs were in a
state and then eventually all 8 were in a
@Jeff Hale There seems to be just be some general lag/slowness in Prefect Cloud v1 today - is this something you guys are seeing to?
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Hi Jessica. Thank you for that report. That should hopefully be back to full speed within an hour or so.
This morning we identified an internal issue which was impacting our database performance. We have since resolved the issue and are continuing to monitor our systems to ensure performance returns to an optimal state. We are updating our cloud status page as the matter progresses. If you continue to see issues in your workflows, please share any affected flow run IDs or task run IDs. We will report them to our engineering team, so that they can review the errors in more detail.