In Prefect 1.0, is it possible to schedule a flow,...
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In Prefect 1.0, is it possible to schedule a flow, but not allow (disable certain roles) users to run it?
Hey Chris! I would recommend taking a look at Roles and the read-only user section found here to accomplish what you are looking for: Note that basic RBAC is a feature on the Standard and Enterprise plans only. If you want more information on these plans, please reach out to
Hi Rob - Thanks for the response. The users will need to be able to kick off 10 other flows in the same project. The flow in question is to delete (reset positions) the current day data. We only want the scheduled process to do this, not the user. So, the user cannot have a read-only role. This might be something we just instruct the user on, just wanted to do our due diligence.