Been trying to get the <prefect helm chart> workin...
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Been trying to get the prefect helm chart working and getting a little confused
helm tells me the latest version is 0.5.1 but it errors when I specify that and the releases show 0.4.0 as the latest. 0.4.0 does however work. Why are they different?
Hi Eddy, Joining this thread as I have the same issue. I’ve been running my helm chart successfully but it’s been giving me the same issue as of yesterday.
Could you share the config.yaml you have been using? I have not been able to get it working with 0.4.0 but reassuring that this may be a wider bug rather than my incompetence ahaha
I’m using the stock one from the repo. Just adjusting the values.yml file. You might need to specify 0.3.1 if you’re targeting Orion. Looking at the tags, it looks like the latest version for Orion is 0.3.1
The newer 0.6.0 version helm chart was released yesterday, fyi. That might be helfpul.
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Do I need to open some ports between my orion and agent pods?
@Christopher Boyd, @Jamie Zieziula, or @Anna Geller are probably best to answer that
Your agent connections are outbound only, and connect to the orion instance. If this is intra-cluster, there shouldn’t be any additional requirements
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it’s going to route using cluster dns and ClusterIP, so you shouldn’t need any additional config
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