Anna Geller

09/13/2022, 8:26 PM
Hi everyone! 👋 We are excited to announce the 2.4.0 release! 😛refect2: It includes some highly requested new features, including: •
infrastructure block
- shoutout to @Zanie for making it so easy to use and applicable to a variety of use cases (Fargate, EC2, Spot instances, and tons of flexible configuration options). Note that we are currently releasing this as an experimental block ⚠️ - it's ready for early feedback, but if you plan to use it in production, be aware that this block may change without notice in the next couple of releases, • Support for setting custom parameter values directly from the deployment build CLI • New CLI for interacting with and setting custom timezone-dependent schedules for your deployments incl. the ability to pause or resume a schedule directly from the CLI --- On top of that, this release includes some really cool enhancements and important fixes, a.o.: • improved query performance and protecting against race conditions when disabling and reenabling schedules, • fixes to blocks and orchestration metadata context • several documentation improvements, including the brand new catalog of Prefect Recipes 🧑‍🍳 As always, to upgrade:
pip install prefect -U
Thanks to all contributors and everyone reporting issues on GitHub! For a detailed overview of changes, see the release notes. Happy Engineering! 😛refect:
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