Hello everyone! Yesterday <the Prefect repository...
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Hello everyone! Yesterday the Prefect repository crossed the 10,000 stars threshold. Although we don’t measure our impact solely by GitHub stars, it is a great reason to take a moment and reflect on the community that we have all helped to build over the past 3-4 years. Fun fact: @Dustin Ngo was the first person to star the repo after myself and @Jeremiah, and is now a member of the Prefect Team! It is thanks to your contributions, feedback and usage that so many new people every day are adopting Prefect. I remember when we first open sourced, we agreed that 100 stars in the first 24 hours would be a success. When we blew past 1k we knew we were onto something special. Considering how much Prefect has changed since that time (due in massive part to the feedback and encouragement from this community), I’m nothing but optimistic and excited about the things we have in store for the next phase…
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