Good Afternoon! I have a question regarding using ...
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Good Afternoon! I have a question regarding using a snowflake query with wildcard
and pandas.read_sql. There seems to be an issue during compilation during a prefect flow run where it's complaining about the wildcard. We can run the queries outside of a prefect run no problem. When executing in prefect, we are getting formatting errors. Errors listed in threads
TypeError: %o format: an integer is required, not dict
ValueError: unsupported format character 'v' (0x76) at index 485
These errors would indicate that somewhere along the line, something is reading
name ILIKE '% vs XXXXXXX'
(wildcard + space) is being read a formatting method. And the other error was happening with the query
AND id NOT ILIKE '%lounge%'
is being read as %o
Thank you in advance!
Thank you. Sounds like you found a bug. What version of Prefect are you using? Assuming it's the latest, are you able to open a big report issue at prefecthg/prefect on GirHub?
We are using prefect 1.2 in production. Should i still open the issue? Also, we have an open branch transitioning to prefect 2.0 and can test it out there ASAP.
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I think it is worth opening in 1.0.
After further local testing, It seems to fail outside of prefect now too. Apologies for the false alarm here
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