I'm having some issues embedding my flow in a dock...
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I'm having some issues embedding my flow in a docker image using 2.3.0. I've been looking at the source code for a while but I'm not sure why it's not being embedded. This is what I'm running: prefect deployment build orchestration/flows/test_curated.py:default -n "Test Curated (dev)" -q "transformation-dev" -t dev -t transformation --infra docker-container --override image=my:image -o test_curated-deployment.yaml
The build command returns "Deployment storage None does not have upload capabilities; no files uploaded. Pass --skip-upload to suppress this warning." which I'm not sure whether it's expected or not. Regardless, when I explore the docker image there is no flows-folder under /opt/prefect
Oh.. "Prefect will assume that the flow code is baked into the image." I get it now, I still have to bake the code in myself. Not sure what made me think it was automated.
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I get the same error when I try to use a public Github storage. Is there also something I miss here?