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# announcements
šŸ‘‹ Hi there Prefect Cloud 2 cloud2 users! Iā€™m Nathaniel from the Product team at Prefect. We wanted to share a bit about a new addition to Prefect Cloud 2, the Flow Run Retention Period setting. With the Flow Run Retention Period setting, those with additional compliance or analytics needs can now choose to retain historical data about their flow runs in Prefect Cloud for an extended period of time. This flexibility in retention period allows those writing, running, or depending on flows to investigate the final state, logs, and run pattern of flows and their tasks ā€“ long after they complete. The retention period can also support you in maintaining compliance with minimum retention policies that your organization may have, alongside providing an expanded window into the history of your flow runs. What does this mean for you? All existing Prefect Cloud 2 users and organizations automatically receive a 180 day retention period setting, the same as our Enterprise tier. This means that after a flow run ends, its details are available for 180 days before being removed. Note šŸ“: This setting does not impact the existing ability to manually delete flow runs via the Cloud UI or CLI. Flow runs can still manually be deleted, and remain deleted ā€“ regardless of the retention period setting. Moving forward, new individual users of Prefect Cloud 2 in the Starter tier will have flows runs maintained for 7 days after completion. Those who have upgraded to the Growth or Enterprise tiers will have a 30 and 180 day flow run retention period respectively by default. Additionally, if you or your organization need a tailored retention period, our Sales team or your account executive can help with customized periods above and beyond these defaults.
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