Hey sorry this maybe a total n00b question, but co...
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Hey sorry this maybe a total n00b question, but coming I’m coming from a heavy Airflow background and trying to understand the correct Prefect way of doing things, I’m digging around the docs but I haven’t found a simple example that I want.. I want to create a simple flow: 1. Send a ping (start) 2. Try something 3.a) If step2 is successful send ping (complete) b) Else send failed ping Now in Airflow land I would instantiate 4 operators,
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Send Ping -> Try Something -> Send Ping (Success)
                            -> Send Ping (Failed)
With the 3a and 3b having either
. What is the correct way to do this with Prefect? I see references to handlers but I’m not quite sure what the right way to do what I want is?
Prefect also has a concept of triggers that will do exactly what you want: https://docs.prefect.io/guide/core_concepts/execution.html#triggers