I'd a thought about this PIN ~ <https://docs.prefe...
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I'd a thought about this PIN ~ https://docs.prefect.io/guide/PINs/PIN-09-CLI.html The proposed CLI is of the form
prefect <VERB> <OBJECT>
. Would it not make more sense for it to be of the form
prefect <OBJECT> <VERB>
? The above is based on my experience with the gcloud and aws cli tools. Usually, the user is sure of the object they want to interact with but not necessarily the verb to be used.
Hey @Akash I understand what you’re saying, as there are many many CLI tools out in the wild all with their own intricacies. However the prefect CLI was built out with inspiration from the command structure of
where it’s in
form and due to the nature of our ecosystem it seemed more natural at the time of approval and implementation of this PIN. Of course, this could change in the future with enough support from the community.