Hello there, :wave: It seems that not all Prefect...
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Hello there, 👋 It seems that not all Prefect video are listed on YouTube (like the
Server Start UI Flow Run
one) In fact, there is only one public video in the channel (Prefect Cloud Demo) Would you mind sharing the others one? I'm pretty interested in your videos / tutorials and I think it could greatly benefit the community 😊
Hi @Pierre CORBEL - we’ll get it posted today 🙂
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@Jeremiah to complete my thought and in my humble opinion, the adoption of a framework goes by : - a good product (you got that one) - a good documentation (you got that one) - a good UI (you got that one) - good resources (medium, articles, blogs, and YouTube videos) And I think it would be very helpful to publish more tutorials and / or blog articles to help growing the user base (I speak for myself as a data engineer for 6 years but I believe the same could be applied for a lot of people)
Hi @Pierre CORBEL - here is the Youtube link to our "Server Start UI Flow Run" video:


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