Hi, I have prefect server and agent running on the...
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Hi, I have prefect server and agent running on the system. Even after registering the flow(flow.register()). I do not see any info on UI(I am not using prefect cloud). Also, I do not see config.taml file in my home directory of prefect. Not sure what is the issue here.
Hey @Ketan Bhikadiya when you call
do you get a URL back with a link to it in the UI? Also not sure about the
🤔 I can’t recall exactly if one is created by default or you have to run something like
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touch ~/.prefect/config.toml
Hi @josh, Yes, I do get URL back. but even by using the url I cant see the flow listed on UI. By quick google search, this looks like a config file issue (or could be not). Not sure what to do next.
@Ketan Bhikadiya are you running Prefect Server locally or are you running it on a remote server? It's possible that the UI isn't correctly pointed at your server deployment
Hi @nicholas, I am running server locally, do we need to create config.toml file manually or prefect install should create one for us?
If it's not already present in the
directory, it's fine to create one yourself