We'd like to automate flow registration via CICD. ...
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We'd like to automate flow registration via CICD. Is there an existing pattern for doing so via CircleCI? What is the most appropriate token type for this type of integration?
Hi @Dan DiPasquo! The most appropriate token for that type of integration would be a TENANT scoped token. I'm not aware of any existing CICD patterns for flow registration with CircleCI, but my initial thought is that it'd be fairly straightforward depending on the storage type you're using. The only requirements would be an image in Circle with Python3.6+, Git, and the ability to build/store the flow with whatever your storage choice (Docker, S3, GCS, or Azure)
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hi @Dan DiPasquo, we've been working on CI/CD for registering flows recently. There was also some recent discussion on this topic on this thread: https://prefect-community.slack.com/archives/CL09KU1K7/p1588164482312600
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Thanks to both for your input - will read through that discussion and take the other points into consideration.
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