Hey guys, looking for some info - has anyone had a...
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Hey guys, looking for some info - has anyone had any experience with building out event based flows? I know it's currently down as a paused PIN, but I'm trying to gather info to see what was the effort involved in using say AWS SQS to create event based systems...
Hi @Darragh, we might be pursuing this soon, but would start by processing batches of messages out of SQS in a single Flow run. “True” processing of single events/messages would likely require the kinds of changes discussed in PIN-14.
We have a mostly silent group so far (myself included 😅) of folks interested in getting PIN 14 going in #contributors-event-driven-flows so I’m definitely interested in your thoughts if you pursue anything @Darragh or your experience @Joe Schmid as you go either in that channel or directly 😇 The latest idea afaik is (stealing from my own comment on a github issue):
you may be interested enough to put something together yourself without an extra feature on our end, which more or less revolves around the ability to trigger a flow with the graphQL client or, more simply call 
 from some intermediate you set up (like a lambda function or a Kafka worker) that is triggered by or polls for your event.
If others from the community have done the above or something similar yet I’m not sure, most people I’ve interacted with it’s been more of a intellectual exercise. So we’ll see if anyone has direct experience 🙂
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Thanks for that guys, yeah I'm eagerly awaiting that PIN 😀 I'll look the community and see if my ramblings help at all! I'm also interested, or possibly even MORE interested, in the idea of starting a flow and having it distribute work via an event queue, basically like having an AWS SQSSend Task or similar