Hi all, I was wondering how to make the parent flo...
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Hi all, I was wondering how to make the parent flow wait for the FlowRunTask child flow output. What I mean here is that I don't want the FlowRunTask to only trigger the second flow but I want to be able to wait for it to end and use its output in the parent flow. Thanks in advance!
Hi @Nicolas van de Walle for this I would suggest using something like:
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from prefect import Client
c = Client()
info = c.get_flow_run_info(id_from_created_flow_run)

state = info.state
# ^ do something with this prefect State object
# if not what you want, sleep for a bit and query again
Thanks for your answer! So there is no blocking version of FlowRunTask?
Not at the moment but we always welcome contributions to the task library 🙂
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Hi @Nicolas van de Walle - great timing! I just submitted a PR for this exact feature here: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/pull/2935/files
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