07/20/2020, 7:43 AM
From the docs on results
A result subclass that matches the storage backend of your setting will automatically be applied to all tasks, if available; notably this is not yet supported for Docker Storage
Does it mean I have to individually configure the results of tasks in a docker stored flow (without any global defaults) or does it mean it is currently unsupported to have any results for tasks that run in a docker environment?

Avi A

07/20/2020, 7:47 AM
if you define a
on the flow itself it’s automatically applied to every task in the flow. haven’t used docker env but there’s nothing in the code that prevents it from running the results on docker


07/20/2020, 2:12 PM
@karteekaddanki I believe this means that no default is available for docker storage (because unlike other storage types, we have no way of guessing what permanent storage is avaialable to you), but you can absolutely configure whatever result you need
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Other storage types have default Result types - local / local, S3 / S3, etc.