Hi Community! Is there any established best practi...
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Hi Community! Is there any established best practices for developing a library of prefect flows? One of the struggles I have is instituting standards for a CI process for a library of flows. Part of the challenge is that code for flows represents a delayed execution of tasks, so it is difficult to test flows without deploying them to a specific environment
Hi @Maxwell Dylla! This is something we’ve been intending to document better for a while; there are many ways of testing flows depending on your needs. - calling the
method of a Task allows you to unittest your tasks - you can use a TaskRunner to test your task’s trigger logic - you can use a FlowRunner to test how states propagate through your Flow I’m sure there are other aspects that I’m not remembering off the top of my head, but hopefully that’s provides a good starting place for you!
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Thanks, Chris!