Hey folks, we’re interested in using the brand new...
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Hey folks, we’re interested in using the brand new ECS Agent. However, it is not completely clear how we should setup the RunConfig. Is this something we have to setup at flow or flow environment level?
Hey @ale thanks for showing interest in the experimental features! Promise docs on the ECSRun/Agent are comming soon! 🙂 for right now the only documentation for using the ECSRun will be found here in the API documentation. What you’ll need to do is instead of providing an
at all to your flow instead provide a
great! Thanks 🙂
@josh when will this new feature be considered GA/stable?
IMO when the docs are out within the next release or two
I just create this enhancement request https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/3659 In few words: it would be extremely useful to just pass the
to Prefect
Thanks @ale for the suggestion! I’m going to wait for Jim to weigh in since this was left out for a reason (if even a real reason at all) and I want to make sure there isn’t an issue in adding it 🙂
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