Hello, I'm a new user to Prefect, currently buildi...
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Hello, I'm a new user to Prefect, currently building a SaaS application that involves document digitization and a business intelligence layer. One question I have been asking myself and that seems to elicit a good amount of discussion is whether it is possible to compose flows. I have seen proposals for subflows, and there is also a PIN on combining tasks: https://docs.prefect.io/core/PINs/PIN-05-Combining-Tasks.html. The PIN concludes that the model won't change and that "we have decided [...] [to] write clear documentation for how to build individual "combined" tasks for individual use cases". Is that documentation available? With all the proposals floating around, it is hard to separate between what is implemented and recommended practice vs. proposals and speculations. So in short: what is the recommended way to group tasks into logical units of work and make the overall application modular with respect to these groups?