Following up from <yesterday>.. situation is as fo...
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Following up from yesterday.. situation is as follows: I could not add a new member to Cloud; they were previously a member of our team, but since they could not sign in (forgot password) I tried to remove them and add them back in. Now, an invite is in my team members inbox, when they click to join - it takes them to the sign in page.. understandable. Now, we cannot sign in because they do not remember the password and when you click forgot password, this email comes through… asking for sign-in help brings you back to the forgot password screen… just keeps going in a cycle. How can I get my team members password reset, given they are now a pending invite to our team?
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Hi @Mitchell Bregman (or @curtis smiley?) - please have this team member DM me and I can get their password reset
Just sent you a dm
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