Hey There -- One of the reasons we are considering...
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Hey There -- One of the reasons we are considering moving to prefect is to get better testing coverage. I am looking for examples how how to test Flows including any approach to mocking out Tasks. Anyone have any pointers?
For specifically mocking out tasks, I’d recommend using
which will allow you to swap out a given task with another task; at this moment Prefect doesn’t offer an off-the-shelf task mock, but now that you’ve asked I think it’s something we’ll look into! For other forms of testing (injecting state, testing triggers, etc.) check out this SO answer: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65220781/how-to-get-in-prefect-core-local-task-final-state/65227575#65227575
I should also call out that you can test your task’s specific logic by calling
with the appropriate kwargs and with any mocks you may need
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