does anyone know of a resource that will get me st...
# prefect-server
does anyone know of a resource that will get me started with installing prefect server and an agent on an ubuntu VM? All i seem to be able to find is docs on GCP and AWS. I want it to run as a service too, restarting automatically if it crashes out
Hey @Arran, on the VM, it would be just spinning up server with
prefect server start
and this will use
and spin up the relevant services.
as a service is a bit harder, what do you have in mind? Are you not on cloud?
Have you seen this?
that looks close to what im after. We have our own servers and have set up a VM with ubuntu live server to dedicate to prefect and some node scripts
we want to expose the UI and GraphQL API so we can access it from our local machines
You just need to open the ports of the VM (8080 is the UI and 4200 is the API) and then you can access the UI at <VM-IP>:8080
will the server start back up automatically or would i have to set that up with a deamon?
You would need to set that up. Make sure to
to persist the state so that your Flows are available when you start back up as seen here
Or maybe you have an external postgres db you are using like the next section there
i think i was just thrown off by the seemingly lacking documentation a docker deploy. But that seems like it’s because I’m used to more complicated setups. So thats a credit to prefect actually!
thanks again for the help, Kevin
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