I did `--set ui.apolloApiUrl=http://${CHART_NAME}-...
# prefect-server
I did
--set ui.apolloApiUrl=http://${CHART_NAME}-apollo:4200/graphql
on the prefect-server Helm chart, but when I went to the UI, I still had to configure the API URL. Anybody know what I might be missing?
That should work. Perhaps there have been some changes in the UI that have broken this.
Was your UI container restarted after setting it? Sometimes you may have to clear the browser cache or it will not respect changes as well.
Hey @Wilson Bilkovich -- after a second look it seems that you're setting the API url to the internal name? You'll need to set it to the external name (ie what you'd connect to from your machine) if you want that to work.
@Laura Lorenz talked about this in her livestream from march (


). In short, the dashboard is an in-browser application, hence the requests are being made from your device, and not the UI-container.
Yeah, that’s OK, because I’m using
to port-forward everything with its same DNS name as it has inside Kubernetes.
So I can access foo-baz-apollo:4200 just like that