Hi there Prefect Server fills my server log with t...
# prefect-server
Hi there Prefect Server fills my server log with these entries:
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May 06 15:06:18 <http://rnddkrpocwe01.uhbs.ch|rnddkrpocwe01.uhbs.ch> systemd[2918188]: run-docker-runtime\x2drunc-moby-f59082c1b02d87fbf7172c4bef313af171b43336a316ac5ea05f495dc159627d-runc.nCo90B.mount: Succeeded.
May 06 15:06:19 <http://rnddkrpocwe01.uhbs.ch|rnddkrpocwe01.uhbs.ch> systemd[2918188]: run-docker-runtime\x2drunc-moby-d55a5e41bcd0602af5682df47f4e5b944d17238994b03d9c2b34b8c4ec20c4ad-runc.KWtz2X.mount: Succeeded.
May 06 15:06:19 <http://rnddkrpocwe01.uhbs.ch|rnddkrpocwe01.uhbs.ch> systemd[1]: run-docker-runtime\x2drunc-moby-d55a5e41bcd0602af5682df47f4e5b944d17238994b03d9c2b34b8c4ec20c4ad-runc.KWtz2X.mount: Succeeded.
According to https://github.com/docker/for-linux/issues/679: It's produced by the healtchecks. Is there a way to solve this? Best Michael
Yeesh, that issue is tough to read. You can easily disable or modify the healthcheck timings by running
prefect server config
and then running
Hopefully this is fixed upstream soon!
Hi @Zanie Thanks for your answer Is with the use of docker-compose everything working like with 'prefect server start'? Even upgrades (DB-upgrades)?
prefect server start
generates a docker-compose file from our template then runs
docker-compose up
prefect server config
takes the same options as
and generates the docker-compose file from our template -- you can then do anything you like
It should handle upgrades and such the same unless you modify that part
Ok. Thanks. Maybe prefect should use less healtchecks as default because of this, or why not?
Could I even disable the healthchecks? Or are these used to start all the containers in the correct order?