Hello everyone! Doing some experiments to see if P...
# prefect-server
Hello everyone! Doing some experiments to see if Prefect might be a good fit for us. I've tried running the examples with
here: https://docs.prefect.io/core/examples/overview.html#running-with-prefect-cloud-or-server But running the jobs results in
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Failed to load and execute Flow's environment: ValueError('Flow is not contained in this Storage')
I'm running everything on a local agent to start. What obvious thing am I missing? Thanks in advance.
Hi @Alec Koumjian, what storage are you using?
Ah I see. Does your agent live on the same machine that you registered on?
I hadn't actively selected any, did I miss a step in the tutorial?
It’s actually my first time seeing this page. I think the Orchestration Tutorial will be a much better guide than this
You mean this? https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/tutorial/overview.html I don't really see much there if that's the case.
Oh man that page really needs to be removed (the first one). Sorry about that. The proper link to deploy a flow would be here
Hey I touched base with our docs writer just so you know and that paged will be updated soon
thanks @Kevin Kho I'll go through this tutorial first