Hi, can someone tell me what is the release schedu...
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Hi, can someone tell me what is the release schedule for the Prefect Server 🙂? This fix resolved many issues which we had due to AKS (k8s jobs for tasks or flows getting stuck), but some of them (double running due to connection dropouts e.g.) we are still experiencing as we can’t activate it on the agent due to this fix in helm chart not being released yet. Therefore, I’d like to know when can we expect this release, and how the timing of it is decided in general? Thanks!
@Marko Jamedzija I totally understand that it would be beneficial to you when this gets released as soon as possible, but it’s hard to tell when this will happen. Based on the history of releases here, it looks like every 1-2 months there is some new release. But since the feature you need has been merged to master, perhaps you can install prefect from Github instead of from pip?
Thanks for the suggestion for that situation 🙂 In our case though, it’s related to the helm chart. We could download the fixed chart from the main branch and use it, but this would require extra work from our devops as the current setup pulls the chart from
. I just thought knowing the expected release date, could cut down that work.
Thanks for the answer in any case @Anna Geller 🙂
Sure, that makes sense. I asked the team about that, will let you know once I know more. But to manage expectations: this week there is US holidays, so I wouldn’t expect it to happen super soon, hopefully next week you’ll find out more. Btw, did you consider switching to Prefect Cloud instead of upgrading Server? Recently, Prefect has doubled the number of free task runs to 20,000 each month.
You can find out more here: https://www.prefect.io/pricing/
Atm we are still fine with the server for now 🙂. But thanks for the info once more, nice to know that 🙂
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Server is usually released alongside Core. Since we’re working on a 1.0 release for Core, the typical cycle is a bit off. I’ll likely release this Tuesday or the next.
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