Hi all. I am trying to install the prefect server...
# prefect-server
Hi all. I am trying to install the prefect server helm chart and am running into an issue. I am following along with the tutorial here:


and have made it to the point of installing the chart (which completes without error), however my graphql pod cannot start because it can't connect to the postgres db. I am not trying to connect to an external db (just testing atm). When I look at my pods I do not see that a postgres pod was started, but I can see the
and the
services running. I was under the impression that the helm chart would automatically start a postgres instance to use if you weren't connecting to an outside db. Did I miss a step somewhere? Any guidance is appreciated.
Hi! Postgres is managed by a subchart. We do not actually own the chart, we just configure it to work with the rest of the services.
It sounds like the service is failing to launch pods? You may need to inspect some logs