Hello team, I´m having this error `ImportError('Un...
# prefect-server
Hello team, I´m having this error
ImportError('Unable to import dulwich, please ensure you have installed the git extra')
but I have installed prefect[gitlab] in prefect server and also in the dask cluster nodes.
Prefect is version 0.15.10
Local Agent is running in docker and dask cluster are running in docker as well…
@Raúl Mansilla it’s not enough to install those packages (gitlab) on the Server, you also need to have those on your agent and in the environment from which you register your flow. Also, you may come across some issues when running local agent in Docker because local agent normally runs in a local process and deploys flow runs as subprocesses.
ahhh @Anna Geller lets see if I can do it in the agent itself :-)