One more question, is there a docker-compose file ...
# prefect-server
One more question, is there a docker-compose file somewhere for Orion to get started quickly? I'd rather this than using a cli. With the previous version, I had to reverse engineer the cli to create one.
See this. Because the services dont spin up as different containers for Orion
Thank you. Wow, that's a lot cleaner than the previous version. So now you just need a single container plus the agents.
Let me know if you figure out the right command to expose the API port to localhost
I tried earlier and didn’t get it working for some reason
From what I know of docker, you should be able to do
docker run -p 4200:4200 run...
you may also need to tell
prefect orion start
to bind to
perhaps try
docker run -p 4200:4200 -e PREFECT_API_URL=<> prefecthq/prefect:2.0a13-python3.8 -- prefect orion start
these are just guesses, hope it helps
Yeah I expected
docker run -p -it prefecthq/prefect:2.0b1-python3.8 prefect orion start --host
to work but it doesn’t
(The API url is only used by the client, not the server btw)